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Your castle is your house. A haven after a difficult day at work where you’ve undoubtedly created innumerable memories with friends and family. However, there comes a moment in many of our lives when it’s important to sell our house.

Maybe the kids are older and it’s time to downsize, or maybe your family has outgrown your starting house and you want to start over. Whatever the cause, selling a house may be a challenging process with many legal and other factors to take into account.

As a result, selling a house isn’t an easy process. Everything’s acceptable to be too cautious in order to ensure that it is completed correctly and in a way that maximizes rewards for you and your family.

While the procedure for selling a house in New York is comparable to that in other states, there are some distinctive regional customs and real estate laws to be aware of. You can avoid huge headaches and issues later on by being familiar with this process early on in the stages of selling your house.

This manual in the Kipps estates will follow you through every step of selling a house in NY, ensuring that you don’t encounter any unexpected the process. We’ve got you covered on everything from interacting with a listing agent to making legally needed disclosures.

Timing is crucial when selling a home. You must also take other factors into account in addition to the month and season. Different seasons of the year are better for selling particular types of property, and residences may (on average) sell more quickly or slowly or even for more money during specific months.

Best Season to Sell in New York

While it’s true that location is crucial when buying or selling a house, timing is as important. For instance, it may not be the best idea to advertise a home in the middle of winter when buyers and movers must contend with icy roads and below-freezing weather.

The good news is that property values in rise and fall regularly, following a very well-defined real estate cycle. We can quickly determine the ideal time to sell your property depending on your objectives using actual real estate transaction data. This makes making plans to sell a house easier and more successful.

If you intend to sell your house, Let the past serve as your guidance.For instance, selling a home in September may result in a profit of 8% higher at closing than selling in November or May, which may result in a loss of 4.5%. (as compared to the average sales price).

Best Time of the Year to Sell for a Profit 

Monthly Homes Sold at Above Average Prices (in order of highest to lowest):





Monthly Homes Sold at Below Average Prices (in order of lowest to highest):








NOTE: Keep in mind that these numbers are based on the month that the residences closed or sold, NOT the month that they were advertised. Homes in New York stay on the market, on average, for 68 days, depending on your local market. However, it is possible for this amount to range between 30 and 120 days. Plan accordingly, then.

Do You Require Counsel?

You do not need to engage an attorney to sell your house fast in New York, unlike many other states. Though it is uncommon for anyone in New York to not engage a real estate attorney to help with at least some of the procedure, it is extremely typical to have legal counsel represent you in the transaction.

It’s also never a bad idea to have legal counsel on your side for contract review or to help with negotiations. A real estate lawyer may also be helpful in dealing with unusual situations, such as a lease-to-own or owner-financed transaction, as well as any potential title problems or contract disputes and Kipps estates will give you the best of services needed.

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