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Don’t Take On Probate Alone

The process of settling your loved one’s estate will likely be emotionally challenging — from the sorting of personal belongings and deciding who gets what, to getting remaining items appraised and sold, to deciding whether any real estate will be sold or kept in the family as rental property — there’s a lot that needs to get done, and the longer it takes, the longer bills and upkeep costs mount and decrease the total proceeds available to be distributed to heirs. This is a case where time really does equal money.

By surrounding yourself with empathetic pros who understand what you’re going through, you’ll lower your stress levels, make better choices, and significantly lower costs and increase estate proceeds. Other than an attorney whose job it is to handle the “court stuff,” your greatest resources are tradesmen and real estate pros who you can trust and rely upon to get you through the many intricacies of the sell probate house process.

Everyone needs time to deal with the passing of a loved one. When it’s time, our team is ready to help you every step of the way.


Evaluation of your individual priorities


A plan and timeline that fits your needs


Probate paperwork, deadlines, procedures.


Introduce and refer you to the right people.


Between attirneys, tradesmen, beneficiaries


Assistance every step tge way


We help personal representatives succeed.


Navigating the complexities of the probate process.
From Clean Out To Closing
Real estate is often the most valuable asset in an estate. And whether it’s because the late owner was ill, or simply unable to maintain it themselves, it’s an unfortunate fact that many estate properties suffer from deferred maintenance issues that need to be addressed regardless of whether or not the property is to be sold, kept as a rental, or moved into by one of the heirs. You can alleviate the anxiety of repairing and/or maintaining the probate property by leaving the details to our team of carefully vetted home professionals who can handle anything from routine maintenance and lawn-care/pool-care, to plumbing issues, electrical, remodeling, and roofing.
Our Team Can Also Help You Deal With The Personal Possessions

Over the course of a lifetime, people accumulate a wide variety of possessions, objects, and belongings that reflect their lives. Selling, gifting, or otherwise distributing these possessions in a dignified, yet efficient manner is often an obstacle in bringing an estate to a final settlement. If that’s the case, our team can help coordinate the process by referring you to reliable movers, appraisers, and other pros who’ll help you respectfully deal with any personal items left in the estate.

An often overlooked fact is that many times an estate can realize significant tax advantages by donating any unclaimed assets and possessions to charity, and we maintain strong personal relationships with numerous reputable charities that would welcome these items and put them to good use in the community.