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Sell House During Divorce

Selling one’s house can already be a difficult process to begin with as it is, but sell house during divorce will certainly make it all that much more challenging. Kipp Estates realizes that, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to help as much as possible. They know all too well that these issues can get complicated rather easily, which is why they are dedicated to making sure their clients receive nothing less than the best service from them. When one works with them, there will be less worry and more getting things done since they take their clients very seriously. Long gone are the days of worrying as to whether or not one’s home will get sold.

Info about the house

The first step is for one to mention a bit more in-depth details about the house they are trying to sell to Kipp Estates. This way, they will be able to receive the best possible cash offer for it. This is done by either filling out a form or by giving Kipp Estates a phone call and make the procedure of. Sell House During Divorce adequate.

Schedule an appointment

An appointment is then scheduled so that a few more additional questions may be asked and a fair cash offer for both sides can be reached. This way, there is little to no room for disagreements to occur as a compromise must be reached to begin with in order to continue.

Free no-obligation offer

Next, a free no-obligation offer is given to the client from Kipp Estates. This means that they will buy the house regardless of the overall condition it may be in and the client does not have to worry about paying fees, commissions, or repairs. In other words, all of this is sure to be taken care of by Kipp Estates on their client’s behalf when you sell house during divorce.

Escrow is opened

After a fair cash offer is decided on by both sides, Kipp Estates opens escrow and works quickly in order to ensure one’s property gets closed on as soon as possible. Not only is this step accomplished rather fast, but it is also done efficiently at the same time.

Cash check

The final step, sell house during divorce is for one to receive a cash check for their house. This check is guaranteed to be for the best value in regards to one’s house and nothing less than that because Kipp Estates firmly believes in honesty and integrity in terms of serving their clients.

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