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You can sell your house – in any condition, regardless of your circumstances. Contact us to learn more about how we buy your house in difficult situations. With time quickly running out, it would be wise for one to reach out to Kipp Estates if their situation demands it. This way, the process can get finished as quickly as possible as soon as one decides to get started.⠀


With the partnership program, Kipp Estates helps an investment network of realtors, attorneys, contractors, funeral directors, and more by thinking of full-proof investment solutions for those who are looking to sell houses fast in New York.

Extra stream of money

Everyone likes money, as well as having more than one way of earning it. With the partnership program, this becomes a reality as one will get to join an incentive base network with the possibility of earning some extra income. This is a beneficial move for both sides since everyone wins. Kipp Estates gets to expand their network while the client gets access to a method of money.

Clients receive a more improved customer experience

This involves an additional service to clients which allows them to put their property up for sale fast. This makes their overall experience all that much greater, which then leads to one getting more positive reviews and referrals. Once more, this is a scenario that ensures every person leaves happy.

Expanding of business

One will be able to generate additional leads through advertisements by Facebook for a whole free week. This can be done by working with Kipp Estates’ Social Media marketing agency partner, who is an expert in their field. When the work concludes, one will find the service they received beyond satisfactory.

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Home for Sell in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

The solutions that Kipp Estates provides in regards to buying houses always stand out from other house buying companies since they do so with a different approach. If you’re searching home for sell in New York area, our listing professional agents can help you get the best price. Our ultimate objective is to assist as many people as we can through purchasing houses in New York for as much cash as possible when they search for Sell my house fast.

Kipp Estates are real estate investors, and as such have dedicated their time and effort to gaining more knowledge about dealing with any and all kinds of issues they face. When one decides put their home for sell  in New York they can firmly believe that Kipp Estates will know how to deal with whatever it is one may be going through while searching for sell my house fast. Whether that be a divorce, the pressure of foreclosure, overdue payments, house inheritance, or the desire to put one’s house up for sale on the market. We know how to tackle all of these matters and help you to put your home for sell in New Jersey.


Free, cash offer with no-obligation

Regardless of the overall shape that one’s property may be in, Kipp Estates guarantees an all-cash offer if you want to sell your house fast. This is done to provide a sense of relief to clients, as we know how stressful things can be and how much the cash can potentially help when you sell your house in New York. The money is given to clients just like that, with no questions asked and no requirements to fill out documentation of any sort. While other house-buying companies may offer cash but not for free or do so but with certain obligations, Kipp Estates simply does not believe in such practices.

Get to choose which day to sell

Another convenient thing offered by Kipp Estates when you apply to sell a house fast is that they allow their clients to decide the date on which they wish to put the property up for sale. The intention behind this is to remove some tension from the client’s life and make it a bit freer of trouble. We know that letting our client sell on a date of their choosing will give them more freedom in terms of their potentially busy schedule due to the fact that they will more likely be able to find a slot that works for them without getting in the way of their other activities.

Kipp Estates knows how to help no matter what

With years of experience and expertise in the house buying market, Kipp Estates is capable of handling any and all kinds of situations that may come our way. We will also buy one’s house no matter what shape it is in. Whether one is trying to keep away from foreclosure, going through a divorce, or suffering from property taxes, Kipp Estates knows how to come up with a way out and save the client if they are trying to sell a house fast. With our help, one can be sure that they will receive only the best service and solutions that are nothing less than ideal in regards to their situation.